The metabolic center is conducting clinical trials as part of its goal to improve patients’ health care. The majority of the studies are in endocrine and metabolism, focusing on diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, lipids and obesity.

The studies typically involve new and innovative treatments for metabolic-related medical conditions. At times the medications may have already been approved for use by the FDA, and are being evaluated for new indications. 

Participating in a study will make you part of a select group which will define the future of science and medicine. 

When in a study, you will receive comprehensive medical care; you will also be closely supervised and adequately educated during the treatment to help you achieve a good level of control for your medical condition. 

In most trials, you will receive medical evaluations, diagnostic studies and treatment medications all free of charge. Various studies, based on their complexities, will provide a modest stipend to cover expense and effort. A study can be as short as four weeks or may last up to five years. The majority of studies, however, range between three to 12 months.

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