Metabolism is the process by which our bodies combine nutrients with oxygen to produce the energy our body needs in order to maintain normal bodily functions. This energy is measured in calories, and calories are considered fuel to our bodies.

When our main source of energy (glucose) depletes, the process of metabolism turns to fat stores (body fat) for its primary energy source. On the other hand when our supply of blood sugar is too high, the process of metabolism stores excess “energy” by converting it into body fat, causing the weight scale to move in an upward direction.

If you want to increase your metabolism, you should first consider all the factors involved: sex, age, the amount of muscle tissue on your body, weight, activity level, and current physical condition.

Here are 10 ways to increase metabolism; and therefore, lose fat weight correctly for achieving short term and long term health.

Muscular training – The most efficient way to raise your metabolism is to increase and maintain muscle, which can most effectively be accomplished through correct muscular (resistance) training. The more active your muscles are and the more you “break them down” during muscular training, the more energy your body needs for metabolism and repair; and most of that low intensity energy is from fat. 

Cardiovascular “Aerobic” Training – Cardiovascular training directly burns fat. 

Water – is essential for every body function, and may be the most important catalyst for increasing metabolism and burning fat. 

Consume Several Meals A Day –
 Your body will utilize smaller meals more efficiently and will increase your metabolism – like adding kindling to a fire, which keeps it burning more intensely. 

Consume Fat Burning Foods –
 Which includes mostly vegetables (fresh), fruits, whole grains, and legumes (beans, peas, lentils). 

Consume Fat Burning Fat –
 Omega 3 fatty acids increase metabolism, decrease the body of excess fluids, and may increase energy levels. The best source is organic flaxseed oil; others include fish and flaxseeds. 

Supplements – 
Proper nutrition is essential in maintaining and increasing metabolism and for health. Vitamin, minerals, and essential fatty acids will increase energy, activity levels, and metabolism. Certain herb combinations are used to increase thermogenesis (heat production), which burns calories. 

Spices –
 Some spices increase metabolism and decrease sugar cravings. 

Sunlight –
 Small to moderate amounts of sunlight stress the body similar to resistance training, which also increases the metabolism.