The mission of the Metabolic Institute of America (MIA Inc.) is to advance our understanding and management of metabolic diseases.The MIA was founded in 2002 as an answer to the growing global epidemic of obesity and multiple metabolic disorders. It is dedicated to clinical research and education for diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders, obesity and related metabolic disorders, in order to prevent cardiovascular disease and other associated complications.

The organization focuses on pathophysiology and therapeutic modalities, as well as the education of health care professionals and the public. The institute initiates its own research and education activities; participates in ongoing initiatives; and provides management services to organizations and events.

To achieve its goals, the Metabolic Institute of America has several divisions:

1. Medical Education Management 


3. Information Technology

The Medical Education Management (MEM) division creates educational initiatives, and assists in the development of programs by others. It provides administrative services to national and international medical conferences and associations and interacts with the health media and lay associations to develop educational health programs for the public.

The Research division initiates and participates in clinical research. The institute offers a wide selection of clinical studies relating to new and existing medications for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and lipid abnormalities. Patients benefit from free medical evaluation and treatment, with specialized and attentive personal care to improve their medical condition.

The Information Technology division is dedicated to developing systems to disseminate medical and education information through the Internet. Its goals are to reach global medical professionals with information on educational programs; create a forum for metabolic-related issues, provide vital medical information to the public, and disseminate potential education and research projects.

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